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About Us

At RS Elite Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of professional services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 


Bringing together a team of experienced industry experts, we offer freelance business consultancy services on a retainment or commission basis, or a combination of both. 


We are committed to delivering exceptional results, exceeding expectations, and providing innovative solutions to help our clients thrive. 


Contact us today to explore how our consultancy services can benefit your organisation.


Meet Rianne Scott, the RS in Elite Consulting

Rianne is a highly accomplished Commercial Director having co-founded Oracle Solutions Asbestos over 15 years ago, building the company to an annual £6 million turnover. 


With an impressive track record in the industry, she brings a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to her role. Excelling in managing complex commercial operations, forging strong partnerships, and driving business growth.


Rianne is an exceptional networker, renowned for her vast connections and infectious enthusiasm at networking events hosted and attended both domestically and internationally.

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Rianne from RS elite solutions profile
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